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Bill McDevitt: Friend and Benefactor

Bill McDevitt, honorary whipper-in and benefactor of the Los Altos
Hounds (CA) since 1963, passed away at his waterfront Sausalito home over
the weekend.

He will be remembered by his many hunt buddies and the numerous
Masters he served, including Tom Harris, W.W. Mein, Richard Collins,
Eugene Rettig, Mrs. Jay Foss, and Albert Schreck. He served as Vice
President from 1981 until 1985 and maintained his membership until 2000.

He and his great friend Niels Schultz, Los Altos member for many years, were
great benefactors of the hunt in the early years, often meeting with
landowners and hosting hunt breakfasts, not only in Marin County but
also in San Benito County, and providing needed funds, labor, and
vehicles for the hunt, his friends recall.

Bill and his son “Willie” often rode as a pair in the Los Altos Hunt Pebble Beach
Race Meet. Bill also rode jumpers and played polo. He was the
honored guest at the 1993 Hunt Ball held at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

He was owner and founder of McDevitt and Sons construction company in
Marin County and is survived by an extended family. Funeral
arrangements were private, but a party for his friends is planned in
mid-September, to be announced later.

Posted September 1, 2011