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Alan Reilly: New Huntsman at County Louth Foxhounds

Incoming_County_Louth_Foxhounds_huntsman_Alan_Reilly_at_The_Valley_Inn_meetAlan Reilly takes over next season as huntsman for the County Louth Foxhounds on the east coast of Ireland. He replaces Noel McKeever who has a had a recurring knee injury. McKeever has hunted the pack since 2002 when he took over from his father Michael who had whipped-in and hunted the pack for forty-two seasons.

Reilly, a farrier by trade, has hunted with the County Louth Foxhounds since he was a teenager. He whipped-in to the Louths before furthering his experience as whipper-in to Charlie Gundry, huntsman of the Kilkenny Foxhounds. A serious fall sidelined him for a couple of seasons.

On returning to the Louths, he whipped-in to Noel McKeever and will now carry the horn for this famous Old English pack that has been hunting some of the best ditch and stonewall country since 1817. The Louth hunting country is only thirty minutes from Dublin Airport. Visitors are welcome, and hirelings are available.

Posted April 15, 2011