with Horse and Hound

Another Use for the Hunt Whip

A new use for a hunting whipWhile hunting with the Old Dominion Hounds on school break, Denya Dee Leake’s horse came into a fence offstride and took care of the situation by catapulting itself over, launching Denya Dee skyward.

“I went so high I could look down towards the ground and think, ‘Oh god, this is going to hurt!’” said Denya Dee.

It looked as if she may have broken her wrist, so they stabilized it with her hunt whip as a splint and secured that with a member’s necktie and the whip thong. Another necktie provided the sling. Fortunately, she had just given a her thumb a bad sprain.

[We’ve all read time and again how a stock tie may be used as a bandage in the hunting field, but I never heard of a hunt whip as a splint. Good to know!  -Ed.]

Posted October 19, 2012