with Horse and Hound

Riding Shotgun; Armed with a Camera

kleck.neil.coyoteWhipper-in Neil Amatt races to get between hounds and coyote, turns to stop hounds.

Nancy Kleck is a sporting artist who follows the hunt with her camera to record action images of hounds, horses, riders, and foxes for later use in her paintings. She rides with former Blue Ridge huntsman Chris Howells, now a wheel whipper-in, and has discovered that her photos are of use not only to her in her art, and not only to the field members for their enjoyment, but sometimes even to the staff. Nancy writes:

I’ve been following the hunt nearly every meet since huntsman Guy Allman and first whipper-in Neil Ammatt came on board. I've gotten some fun photos as a hilltopper, and it's been a really interesting perspective, listening for the horn, trying to interpret it, and keeping an eye out for anything that moves with a brush!

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