with Horse and Hound

They Used to Sit Up All Night on the Borrans

broad howe borranBroad Howe Borran, Cumbria, UK“They used to sit up all night on the borrans,” I said, taking a pull on my pint. Pete eyed me skeptically.

“Why?” he asked.

“To stop the bloody fox from getting in,” I said. “Don’t do it now, though.”

Pete thought for a while, always a dangerous procedure.

“Different kind of fox,” I said. “That was in the days of the old greyhound type.”

To be honest I don’t really know why the hunters of old went up the night prior to sit all night on the borran waiting til dawn to stop the hunted fox from getting in safely, but it is a well documented fact that they did.

“We could do that,” said Pete.

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