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Tally-Ho: I Spot an Old Friend

tom howlandAuthor Tom Howland and Candy Linville catch up with friends at the hunt's reunion.  /  Jim Sykes photoThe South Creek Foxhounds, Florida's oldest hunt, revisited their roots at Robert Thomas's Two Rivers Ranch on May 5, 2012 for a sentimental reunion. Established in 1965 as the Two Rivers Hunt, the hunt's current name was adopted in 1995.

What an outstanding reunion we all had out at Two Rivers Ranch! For some of us, just entering the drive off of 301 was enough to shed a tear or two and initiate many warm memories. I can’t remember them all, but there were flashes of different parts of the ranch, old friends that have since passed (or those that I hadn’t seen in ages), memorable horses, hounds, the old kennels and barn.

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