with Horse and Hound

Irish Horses and Hounds Cement Friendships in Central Europe

Vaclav_Vydra_hunting_his_horse_Demon_in_a_lead_rein_neckstrap_with_no_bridle_or_reinsIf you look closely at this photo, you will see Field Master Vaclav Vydra (top hat) hunting his horse in a neckstrap only---no bridle, bit, or reins. / Noel Mullins photo

Most visitors to the Czech Republic rarely travel further than the city of Prague. But the beautiful countryside and its tiny villages offer another side to the country and remind one of a bygone era.

An opportunity to hunt with Prince Johannes Lobkowicz, a member of one of Bohemia’s noble families, on his magnificent estate in the village of Drahenice south of Prague was not to be missed. The Prince hosts up to four meets per year,  and hunt followers came by invitation from Germany, Hungary, Austria, Canada, Poland, America, and Ireland.

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