with Horse and Hound

County Limerick at Knockainey

power.limerick1Traditionally-bred English foxhounds of the Co Limerick with huntsman Fergus Stokes (right) and whipper-in David Beecher (left) /  Catherine Power photo

George Blenerhaasset of Ridelstown is credited with being the first Limerick Master around 1800. In about 1830 Mr. Croker of Ballinagarde took on the pack with Geo Fosbury which went on to become the County Limerick Foxhounds.

Hounds have been kennelled in Clonshire, the hunt property in Adare, since 1930. The village is now one of Ireland’s leading equestrian centres. Former County Limerick Masters familiar to many in the U.S. are the recently mourned American Master Al Schreck of the Los Altos Hounds (CA) and Master and huntsman Hugh Robards who hunted the Co. Limerick for twenty-seven seasons before coming to North America.

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