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2023 Christmas Keswick Hunt Club Junior Day Hunt

man galloping on horse with young rider galloping on horse behind
Keswick Hunt Club 2023 Christmas Junior Day Hunt with Paul Wilson, Prof. Huntsman and Shep Turner. Still Photo from a video by Britta Cruz.

So many things to say about this cracking rider, Shep Turner. He had the honor to hunt in the back pocket of Keswick’s professional huntsman, Paul Wilson. And boy did he keep up! Check out this video by Keswick member, Britta Cruz. Turn up the volume to hear the thunder of hooves!

Shep Turner is 10 years old and is riding the pony Elf on the Shelf. Rachael and Emily Jones own Elf, and Shep took over the ride after Emily outgrew him two years ago.  This is Shep’s third season hunting with Keswick.  What a bright future for this gentleman!

Here is a short video of the mad gallop:

group of foxhunters coming down road toward camera with hounds
Keswick Hunt Club Junior Day Hunt with Jr. Shep Turner and Prof. Huntsman Paul Wilson up with hounds. Photo by Warner Granade.
huntsman and junior rider on horses
Keswick Hunt Club Junior Hunt of Paul Wilson, Prof. Huntsman, and young Shep Turner. Photo by Warner Granade.

While Shep and Paul were turned out to the nines, the rest of the Fields had fun with a Christmas theme.

riders on horseback dressed in fun holiday colors and costumes
Keswick Hunt Club Junior Day Hunt with MFH Kenny Wheeler leading the merry Field. Photo by Warner Granade.