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The Voice of Bugle Ann: An Excerpt

voice of bugle annThis 1935 foxhound classic, reprinted by
The Derrydale Press in 2001, is cloth bound,
128 pages, $18.95, in the Foxhunting Life Shop.
Although we can't hunt in the summer, we can read about hunting! Here's an excerpt from a foxhunting classic, the first of two slim novels, the second of which,
Daughter of Bugle Ann, we featured six months ago.

Her voice was something to dream about, on any night when she was running through the hills. The first moment she was old enough to boast an individual voice, Springfield Davis swore that she would be a great dog, and within another month he had give her the name she carried so proudly.

One of her great-grandfathers, many generations removed, had followed Spring Davis away from home when he went off to join General Claiborne Jackson and his homespun army among the prickly-orange hedges, so there was logic in the inheritance which put that trumpet in her throat.

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