Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound
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FHL WEEK, November 16, 2017

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This Week in...


Moore County Hound Trials: Report From the Field by Lori Brunnen (pg. 2)
Our intrepid reporter has a new horse rescued from the abattoir, hunted once for the first time in Maryland, and pronounced ready to join the field at a hound trial.

Penn-Marydels: A Hound For All Reasons by Lisa Peterson (pg. 6)
Lisa remembers hunting with PMDs in Connecticut and New York, reviews their history, and notes the changes in this endearing breed of foxhound.

...Hunting Days of Yore

Bowerman the Hunter: A Story for Halloween (pg. 9)
A hunting legend explains why the witches abandoned Dartmoor, what physical evidence of their powers were left behind, and where in Britain they landed. Happy Halloween!


Benjamin Hurt Hardaway, III, American Foxhunting Icon (pg. 11)
Remembering the most widely-known American foxhunter both here and abroad and the most influential American breeder of foxhounds of the twentieth century.

...Video of the Week

Hubertus Hunt: Foxhunting in Denmark (pg. 14)
An annual steeplechase near Copenhagen harking back to the Royal Danish Hunt of the 1680s.