Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Is He Up to My Weight?


Denya Dee Leake was preparing to exercise her field hunter Fearnought bareback (under blanket), when Promise, her Jack Russell terrier, jumped onto the horse’s back from the mounting block. This wasn’t the first time!

There must be a message there. If you think you know what Promise is thinking, type it into the Comments box. The best quote will receive a gift from Foxhunting Life!

Posted January 31, 2012

He Likes Me, Dad!

Loudoun West Hound meets boy
Five-year-old Charlie Eifler shows his delight in meeting a foxhound of the Loudoun Hunt West. His dad Scott Van Pelt facilitates the introduction.  Photo by Austin Kaseman

Master of All He Surveys

fox.roundbalesI used to pass this stack of round bales every day on the school run. It's a few hundred yards as the crow flies from the Cottesmore (UK) kennels! One day I noticed this fox and was able to stop the car, get the camera out, and shoot several frames. He/She didn't bat an eyelid. When I drove past later that day it had gone.

Posted November 4, 2011





Puddle of Puppies

This photo was taken by Rebecca Harris the morning after Hurricane Irene hit Pennsylvania. The puppies had been kept awake all night by howling winds and torrential downpours that flooded one side of their kennel. With morning came the sun, a big breakfast, and, finally, blessed sleep.