Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Walter Pady, ex-MFH (1933--2010)

Walter Pady (right) was photographed recently with fellow Canadian 3-day team members John Rumble (left) and Brian Herbinson. Denya Massey Clarke (also shown) is the daughter of the late Stewart Treviranus, another team member of the three here.
-Andrew Clarke photo

Walter James Pady, ex-MFH of the Toronto and North York Hunt (ON) was killed tragically in an automobile accident on Monday, August 9, 2010. Walter, 77, was well-known and much loved throughout the world of horses and hunting.

He was a member of the first Canadian Olympic Three-Day Team, served as voluntary Chair of the Canadian Jumping Team, CEO of the Royal Winter Fair, and as Canadian District Representative to the MFHA. In recent years he was a member of the Eglinton and Caledon Hunt (ON) and an honorary whipper-in to the Pond Hill Beagles, his wife Jane’s foot pack.

Marilyn Mackay-Smith recalled the occasion in 1953 when Walter Pady and equestrian icon John Rumble introduced the Three-Day format to the Canadian Pony Club Rally for the first time. The Canadian Pony Club uses that format to this day, and the U.S. Pony Club followed suit.

Walter was a welcome visitor in many hunting countries between Ontario and the Carolinas, when visiting during the closed winter season at home. Likewise, he showed hospitality to many foxhunters from other hunts when the Canadian hunts put on their Ontario Festivals of Hunting. Walter was a sportsman and a gentleman, and he will be sorely missed.
August 15, 2010

Steve Farrin Wins North American Horn Blowing Championship

Steve Farrin displays championship ribbon presented by MFHs Sheila Jackson Brown and J.W.Y. Martin, Jr. (right).
-Al Cook photo

Amwell Valley huntsman Steve Farrin blew a flawless set of horn calls to best two-time winner John Tabachka and claim the 2010 North American Horn Blowing Championship. Contestants were asked to blow Moving Off, Gone Away, Gone to Ground, and Going Home. The judges proclaimed a tie after the first round, and Farrin and Tabachka were called back to blow one more call of their own choosing. Tabachka blew Going Home, demonstrating amazing control of the stretched out and slowly modulated volume, but Farrin won the night with his Gone Away.

Peter Walsh—Everything Changed; Nothing Changed

peter walsh gold cup.lees.smallPeter Walsh (number 7) in the Swan Lakes Stakes, 1993 Virginia Gold Cup Races. Lonesome Glory (white blaze, Blythe Miller up) went on to win the race and capture his second Eclipse award that year.  /   Douglas Lees photo

In 2014, Peter Walsh, ex-steeplechase jock, served as Field Master and hunted with both the Piedmont Fox Hounds and the Orange County Hounds, neighboring packs in Virginia. He was hunting five days a week and working as Farm Manager for Milton Sender, a field member of both packs. In the off-season, he played golf avidly.

Today, Peter Walsh is still hunting with both packs, still managing the farm, and still playing golf avidly. It would almost seem as if nothing had changed...except that between then and now, Peter lost his right arm.

Ex-Huntsman and First Whipper-In Wed

dowling boyer wedding2Noel Mullins photo

Considered the social event of the year in the Unionville, Pennsylvania equestrian world, family and friends gathered from both sides of the Atlantic to celebrate the marriage of Irishman Ivan Dowling and Californian Stephanie Boyer. Dowling, a native of Loughrea in County Galway, grew up hunting with the Galway Blazers before emigrating to America as huntsman of Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds for the last twelve seasons. Dowling successfully carried through the daring foxhound breeding experiment at Cheshire initiated by previous huntsman John Tulloch.

Boyer, having changed careers from eventing, served the Cheshire as professional whipper-in to Dowling. Boyer had worked with international event riders, Philip Dutton, Olympic dual gold and bronze medallist, and Buck Davidson, Pan American Games and Olympic rider. She has competed at the highest level in eventing, including riding her own Irish-bred eventer Macloud at the Rolex 4* event in Kentucky in 2009. She also breezed horses for top race trainers Michael Matz and Jonathan Sheppard.