Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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IMG 2492-resizeThe rescue, 1934

What is dog to man? What is the worth of one terrier to a band of stoical countrymen who live in a harsh place in a depressed time? How hard and how long will men try, out of pure respect? Our Cumbrian friend Ron Black gives us a story to remember.

It’s a long pull from the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel to the site of the borran. You first climb up Stickle Ghyll following the track as it ascends, beside the beck, at first gently, but just before Tarn Crag there is a steeper section. At Tarn Crag the track swings right-handed, and you can cross the beck and follow it up to the tarn on the left bank picking your way through the rocks.

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# Denya Massey 2012-04-21 14:33
An inspirational story, and lucky Spider, but how sad that Floss and Set didn't make it out. It reminds me of all the escapades of our hunting terriers, and their amazing will to survive.

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