Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Thank you for visiting the Foxhunting Life photo galleries. Enjoy, and feel free to submit your foxhunting photos! Click on any photo to open a slideshow of the gallery.
Coyote Surprise

Photos by Gretchen Pelham

Fox Makes Life-Saving Decision

Photos by Joanne Maisano

Bennett's Blue Ridge Blues

Photos by David Chapman

Hunting Photos by James Barclay (from U.K.)

Photos by James Barclay

Mary Marks' Fox Photos

Photos by Mary Marks

Jim Atkins

Photos by Douglas Lees

Maryland Hound Show 2013

Photos by Karen Kandra Wenzel

A Day with the Kits

Photos by Jim Graham

Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds
Photos by Elisabeth Harpham
Beth Evans Equine Art
The Equine Sporting Art of Beth Parcell Evans
Erik Olsen
Photos by Erik Olsen
Toronto and North York Puppy Show
Photos by Denya Massey Clarke
Photos by Bill Gamble
Tennessee Valley Hunt
Photos by Gretchen D. Pelham, MFH
Photos by Hi Hampton
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