Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Here you will find reviews of, selections from, and commentaries concerning books, many of which don't even appear on Amazon's radar. But what goldmines for the literate foxhunter!

The Kill: Take This One to the Beach

KillJustCover_smJune 29, 2010
"A shot exploded in the hushed twilight and grumbled through fog in the hollows."

So begins The Kill, Jan Neuharth’s third mystery novel set in the famed foxhunting country of Middleburg, Virginia. All the familiar landmarks are there: The Coach Stop, Books and Crannies, Middleburg Tack Exchange, The Upper Crust. You want to keep clear of Goose Creek and the Foxcroft Road, though. Bad things happen there.

A Bright Hunting Morn: The 125th Anniversary of Radnor Hunt

Bright Hunting Morn: The 125th Anniversary of Radnor Hunt, The Derrydale Press, 2008, 357 pages, four-color, 10-1/4 x 14 inches (large format), glossy, ISBN 1-58667-111-1

"...beautiful tome, written and crafted with great attention to detail....wonderful vintage photographs and gorgeous artwork....magnificent." (Covertside, Spring 2009)

BrightHuntingMorncoverThis article from The Philadelphia Inquirer on November 29, 1889 was reproduced in Bright Hunting Morn: The 125th Anniversary of Radnor Hunt by Collin F. Mc Neill. The merits of the English and the American hounds were being argued by their respective proponents even then!



thumb_AntithesisBookOneCvrElliott is a nice girl from a proper Southern family and, so far, has only been interested in horses...until she sees Griffen – an electrifying horseman who stops her heart at a foxhunt. But will his fear of reliving a dark past be strong enough to keep him away from her? Does she even want to be protected from who he is likely to be?

Recommended for young adult foxhunters!


Cadence of Hooves: A Celebration of Horses

cadence-of-hoovesIf you like poetry and if you like horses, here is a big anthology of perhaps 300 poems by more than 170 leading contemporary poets. The collection was selected and edited by Suzan Jantz, editor of the Yarroway Mountain Press, The California State University Research and Creativity Foundation provided a grant for the project.

Cadence of Hooves contains a broad range of horse-centered poems by horse lovers from every discipline. With permission, from time to time FHL will bring you selections from this lovely book. For the first such offering, here is a favorite of mine by 1986 Pulitzer Prize winner Henry Taylor.