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Fox Hunting Life with Horse and Hound

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Open positions related to horses, hounds, hunt staff, and farming
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Professional Whipper-In Wanted at Iroquois Hunt (KY)

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...in Lexington, KY to assist the huntsman on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday hunt days plus manage 8 staff horses, and
help with the training and care of 60 foxhounds. The hunt employs two full time kennel staff in addition to the whipper-in.
Iroquois offers a very competitive salary plus health insurance for this 6-day a week dream job for a hunting enthusiast.
Experience preferred but not required, however excellent riding skills a must. E-mail or call Lilla Mason (see below) with experienc



State: KY
Website: www.iroquoishunt.com
Lilla Mason, MFH
Phone: 859-421-6987
Postal Code: 40515
City: Lexington
Email: lmason2342@aol.com

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