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FHL WEEK, April 20, 2017

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Hillsboro Godfrey Is Grand Champion at Southern Hound Show


southern17.godfrey.enteredGrand Champion Hillsboro Godfrey 2016  /   Leslie Shepherd photo

It could not have been a more perfect day for the eleventh Southern Hound Show at Live Oak Plantation, Monticello, Florida, held on April 8, 2017. With fifty-two degrees rising into the low seventies, hounds and staff were showing at their best.

The Grand Champion of Show, Hillsboro Godfrey’16, was Unentered Champion here last year, bred and shown at the time by Tony Leahy, Master and huntsman of Fox River Valley Hunt (IL). Leahy graciously gave Godfrey to Hillsboro at the conclusion of the 2016 Southern Hound Show.

We have reproduced last year’s show photo of Godfrey (below) to illustrate the difference one year’s development made in transforming an unentered youngster into an adult foxhound and a Grand Champion. Note the deeper chest and added muscle easily seen over the loin and hindquarter, and the generally increased bone and substance all over.

southern17.godfrey.unenteredUnentered Godfrey at last year's Southern Hound Show  /  Leslie Shepherd photo

Godfrey’s breeding is South Shropshire Goblin’12 ex Massbach Charity’12. The sire was entered in England and subsequently acquired by Leahy. The dam is from Leahy’s pack entered in his Cornwall country, and goes back to mostly Midland bloodlines.

Reserve Grand Champion of the Show, Live Oak Eager’13, is interesting in that she is four generations back to a two-time National Champion Treeing Walker Coonhound, Parrish’s Adios Eagle.

southern17.eagerReserve Grand Champion Live Oak Eager  /  Leslie Shepherd photo

Judges scrutinized entries from Bear Creek Hounds (GA), Fox River Valley Hunt (IL), Hillsboro Hounds (TN), Live Oak Hounds (FL), Lowcountry Hounds (SC), and Midland Fox Hounds (GA).

English judge Mr. Charles Frampton, Master and huntsman of the Heythrop was joined by Lt. Col. Bob Ferrer, Master and huntsman of the Caroline Hunt (VA). Mrs. Michael Moran, MFH, Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds (PA) was the Apprentice Judge.

Three packs were missing that showed last year. Green Creek Hounds (SC) was forced to cancel the day before the show; Mooreland’s huntsman suffered a broken heel while saving his Jack Russell from two coyotes that were trying to kill it on his front porch; and Palm Beach Hunt (FL) did not attend.
As in years past, the Two Couples classes, an indicator of depth in a pack, were deemed by the judges to be unusually strong. Fox River Valley won first and second in the Two Couple of Dogs but were bested in the Two Couple Championship by Hillsboro’s Unentered Bitches, two of whom were first and second in the Unentered Bitch class.
Complete results are posted on the MFHA website under Hounds/Hound Shows/Results.

Posted April 14, 2017