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Reader Survey - Poetry

A recent FHL News item, “The Happiest Pair in Ireland” (above), reported that a reworked version of Will Ogilvie’s poem, “The Happiest Man in England” (just above) was read to the bride and groom. The News report reminded us of that wonderful Ogilvie poem—the original, that is—and we hope readers will enjoy it here.

Ogilvie and others wrote many brilliant foxhunting poems which we would like to share from time to time and collect in our Literature section, but only if readers have an appetite for poetry. Please help us publish what you like by taking this quick survey.

Hunt Breakfast Recipe Contest Winners

juliet.bread2Juliet Mackay-Smith, chef and proprietor of Locke Modern Country Storecontest_winnerResults are in for our Hunt Breakfast Recipe Contest! Our judge Juliet Mackay-Smith has made her selections, and we will pin the winning recipes with a blue ribbon within the website so readers will know which recipes have received these honors.

“Born into a foxhunting family, I have had first-hand experience of what makes for satisfying fare at a hunt breakfast...both for the hosts to prepare and for the guests to consume," said Mackay-Smith.

Free Hunting Horn Ringtones

Select and download your favorite call on the hunting horn for your own cell phone ringtone!

Courtesy of two-time National Horn Blowing Champion John Tabachka, Foxhunting Life will provide mp3 audio files of the horn calls (or M4R files specifically for iPhone) from John’s popular FHL video, Calls on the Horn.

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